Timeline of the History of Economic Thought

I’ve been playing around with online timeline visualisations recently as well as reading Rothbard’s Austrian History of Economic Thought. I think they can be combined to form a lethal mix: an online interactive timeline of Rothbard’s History. I’ve almost covered chapter one – have a look.

From now on this timeline will be featured on the main Mises.co.za site, available to all who’d like to get a quick overview of the subject, or just refresh their memory. The idea is to make it a no-rush project to which whomever wants to can contribute at their own leisurely pace. The Timeglider webservice used to create the timeline has a straightforward editor and new entries can be created or existing ones edited fairly quickly – contact me for login details.

Russell Lamberti has pointed out that there are things not covered in Rothbard’s History that could well be added. I’m also keen on creating entries that highlight some contentious issues – like Roderick Long who disagrees with Rothbard (and David Boaz – how’s that!) about the economic merits of Taoism. One advantage of the Timeglider service is that one can distinguish entries by tagging them according to their sources. So, for example, it would be easy to distinguish Rothbard’s opinion from Long’s, from the point of view of the timeline user – and users will be able to filter by tags.

Personally, I also look at this as a great way of becoming better acquainted with economic history: writing just a paragraph or two once in a while to summarise the role of individuals, events and movements in the development of economics. Upon completing an entry, I’ll do a simple cut and paste job to make it an entry here on the blog and keep awareness about the timeline going.


About Piet le Roux

Piet le Roux writes as an associate of the Mises Institute of Southern Africa. He is also a senior researcher at the Solidarity Research Institute.
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