Re: The Wenzel IP Embarrassment

Russell, just to pick up on your statement that Robert Wenzel’s speech at the New York Fed in 2012 was one of the great, if unsung, libertarian moments of speaking truth to power.”

Note that commenter Patrick points to potentially devastating information for Wenzel on a forum thread:

“After Robert Wenzel’s embarrassing performance in his debate with Stephan Kinsella, a few people in another thread started to question the validity of his story about delivering that epic speech at the New York Fed. A quick google search turned up the following:

First, was this comment by RGallatin on a Forbes article about Wenzel’s Fed Speech:

This was not a “speech” at the in sense that Robert Wenzel was holding forth in front of large room full of Federal Reserve policy makers and analysts. I spoke with Richard Peach at the New York Fed: the “speech” was just Robert Wenzel having lunch in the dining room with two people — Richard Peach and one colleague — during which Wenzel read his speech to the two of them over lunch. This was not Netanyahu at the UN.

A search on Wenzel’s blog seems to confirm that it was Richard Peach who had invited him to the fed.

Another post on Wenzel’s blog states that he had been invited to the Fed (by an economist who he doesn’t name) to give a seminar. However the seminar was canceled with in 15 minutes of its announcement.

“When I arrived at the bank, the economist who originally invited me told me that there was a “schedule conflict” with a seminar and that the group meeting would be smaller than originally planned.”

In his blog, Wenzel never states the number of people who listened to his speech. If you believe RGallatin, the number was two. One can only speculate. However, given his shrill and desperate tone while defending I.P., one hopes that very few people were present when he attempted to represent the Austrian School of Economics at the New York Federal Reserve Bank.”

As you said last week, “the ‘Wenzel brand’ could begin dying a slow, unsightly death.” If the word spreads that he deceived his followers by lying about the audience he delivered his speech to in order to promote his brand, and it turns out being true, the Wenzel brand will die a sudden death.


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  • Russell Lamberti

    Perhaps now we’re starting to discover why Wenzel’s ‘speech’ was relatively “unsung”. Mostly because it was ‘unsaid’!

    If true, this is way worse than his IP mess. Way worse.